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Explore our Cocktail Variety

Come and experience the diverse cocktail menu at The Old Pinnix. We have an exciting selection for all tastes.

Pineapple Allspice Daiquiri

A perfectly balanced and refreshing daiquiri experience that marries pineapple and warm spice notes.

Dragonfruit Basil Smash

A fusion of vibrance and aromatics to take your palate on a journey.

Blackberry Sage Smash

Fruity sweetness with the earthy sophistication of sage that smash together in the perfect blend.

…and many more unique creations that will delight your senses. Our cocktails range from sweet to spicy, offering something for everyone. Let our experienced bartenders inspire you!

Start Your Day With A Good


Join us for breakfast and explore our delightful range of toast options, perfect for starting your day right. Each dish is crafted with care to bring you a delicious morning experience.


Berry Breakfast Toast

Enjoy the simple pleasures of honey-sweetened ricotta and fresh mixed berries, topped with a hint of fresh mint. A refreshing choice.


Sweet Morning Toast

Treat yourself to a blend of Greek yogurt and fig jam, sprinkled with pomegranate arils and a drizzle of honey. Sweet and satisfying.


Avocado Toast

Our take on the classic avocado toast comes with crumbled bacon, hard-boiled egg, a touch of honey, and red pepper flakes, all topped with a sriracha and honey drizzle. Paired with salad greens.

Explore our full breakfast menu and find new delights every morning.


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The Old Pinnix

Give the gift of a great experience with a Gift Card from ‘The Old Pinnix’. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just as a thoughtful gesture – a Gift Card is always a welcome treat. You can purchase these convenient vouchers directly at our bar or easily order them online here. With a Gift Card from ‘The Old Pinnix’, you’re not just giving a drink, but also the opportunity to enjoy a cozy evening in our unique atmosphere.

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About Us

Located in the heart of New Bern, The Old Pinnix blends the charming history of a former pharmacy with the vibe of a contemporary bar. We, two pairs of friends, brought this place to life to offer unique cocktail experiences and delicious toast variations. Our aim is to create an atmosphere where every guest feels at home – a place for enjoyment, relaxation, and socializing. The Old Pinnix stands for creativity, quality, and an unforgettable atmosphere.


Resident mixologist. Natasha loves the art of making drinks and her speciality lies in making craft cocktails and performing apothecary magic.


The man with the plan. Steve loves to make plans and lists and make everyone live in a digital environment. #applenotes



The social butterfly. With her contagious laugh and friendly demeanor, there are no strangers, only friends she hasn’t met.


Resident foodie. Dom loves everything culinary. Through all his travels he collected a huge repertoire of food recipes, some of which he’ll present at the pinnix.


Tell Us About Your Visit!

Your feedback is our motivation. We’d love to hear about your experience. Please share your thoughts and rate us on Google

Genevieve Farrell Rudock
Genevieve Farrell Rudock
Unique and fun restaurant. The food is fantastic, the ambience is unique and interesting the teas and coffees are incredible. Come here every time I have company and lots of times when I don’t. A great restaurant!
Claudia Addison
Claudia Addison
Service and food are unique and worth any wait
Sarah Afflerbach
Sarah Afflerbach
So wonderful to see the energy and creativity brought to this space!  The bartender is an absolute artist and puts on an awesome show which is hardly needed since the atmosphere and fare are wonderful. Thank you for putting your energy and creativity to work!
Michael Struempf
Michael Struempf
Great place. Very friendly. Awesome toast.
The interior is gorgeous, comfy, and atmospheric. The staff were hospitable as well, and took the time to explain the history of the area to us, although they did give me a hazelnut latte instead of the nutmeg latte like I asked for. Their flavors are unique and I love the cups they serve them in, but it was underwhelming. It didn't taste very strong and had the consistency of a regular coffee with creamer in it rather than espresso with steamed milk. For the size and taste it was pretty pricey. Maybe I will try it again. I will definitely come back for the chicken tsatziki toast, it was so flavorful and refreshing. The Sriracha/hot sauce perfectly complimented the tsatziki. My friends liked theirs as well. It looked as if the plates were disposable, I think that should be changed for the sake of the environment and hopefully cost. Also had their crumble/coffee cake and it was great. Tasted like it had five spice in it which is such a great and unique flavor.
Lindsey Smitherman
Lindsey Smitherman
Absolutely love this little gem! We had a sweet and a savory toast and split them and both were outstanding! Very generous portions! The place is well appointed and very comfy, with stylish design and a perfect pairing of the history of the place as a pharmacy.