A Journey Through Time

Welcome to The Old Pinnix, a place rich in history and brimming with modern charm. Our building at 628 Hancock Street has a fascinating past – it was once the site of the Pinnix Drug Store.

Our story begins in 1913 when W. M. Pinnix opened the doors of the Pinnix Drug Store. This place was more than a pharmacy; it was a social hub, known for its excellent service and modern amenities.

A notable feature was the soda fountain, a popular gathering spot for New Bern’s residents, serving the season’s most popular drinks.

W. M. Pinnix, a young but experienced pharmacist, placed great emphasis on the careful preparation of prescriptions and personally oversaw this department. His dedication and expertise were renowned far beyond the city limits.


Today, we honor this legacy by reviving The Old Pinnix as a place for gathering and enjoyment.

The building’s history, along with old newspaper articles, photos, and original recipes provided by the New Bern Historical Society, inspires us daily.

Our goal is to continue the tradition of the Pinnix Drug Store – as a place where people come together to share special moments. We invite you to become part of this story and enjoy unforgettable experiences with us.