Explore our Cocktail Variety at The Old Pinnix

Peachy Amaro Fizz

A lovely blend of peach, bold amaro and effervescent fizz.

Yuzu Fizz

A refreshing and sparkling cocktail featuring a citrusy burst in every sip.

CoConut Spice Martini

A sophisticated martini with a tropical twist featuring a subtle hint of warm spices.

Pineapple Allspice Daiquiri

A perfectly balanced and refreshing daiquiri experience that marries pineapple and warm spice notes.

Cranberry Passion Sour

Tangy and exotic, a sour cocktail that is sure to spice up your taste buds.

Dragonfruit Basil Smash

A fusion of vibrance and aromatics to take your palate on a journey.

Minty Cherry Mojito

Embrace the sweetness of the cherries with the refreshingness of this twist on a classic mojito.

Lemon Rosemary Collins

Zesty lemon paired with the aromatic elegance of rosemary, shaken to perfection in a collins glass.

Apple Scotch Sour

Experience the warmth of fall in the enticing blend of apple and scotch with a slight citrus twist.

Raspberry Cilantro Fizz

Juicy Raspberries, Herbaceous kick of Cilantro combined artfully in a lively fizz.

Blackberry Sage Smash

Fruity sweetness with the earthy sophistication of sage that smash together in the perfect blend.

Orange-Clove Tequila Sour

A unique experience with a taste changing edible button. Starts sweet and sour and ends up with a salty kick.

Spiced Whiskey Mule

Rich warmth of whiskey meets the zesty ginger beer crafting a bold and spirited mule with a hint of spice.

Cherry Rosemary Old Fashioned

Timeless sophistication of an old fashioned with aromatic rosemary and delicious cherries for a harmonious blend of tradition with modern flair.

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